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Craig Caudill, Nature Reliance School


Craig is the Founder and chief instructor of Nature Reliance School in Winchester, KY and is a certified Master Naturalist through the University of Kentucky. Nature Reliance School was founded to provide enriching and educational experiences in, or about, the outdoors. He has taught back-country skills as a contractor to the US military, federal, state and local first responders, and for 13 different university wildlife manager programs. He has spent weeks in the wilderness with nothing more than a knife “living off the land”. Craig is the author of three books (Extreme Wilderness Survival, Ultimate Wilderness Gear and Essential Wilderness Navigation),is an avid writer for several national magazines including Field and Stream, Outdoor Life and Backwoodsman Survival Guide.  Craig will share what he has learned on the following topics:

  • The basics of survival for all outdoorsmen and women.
  • Tracking:  What most deer hunters get wrong.
  • Camouflaging like a boss

Terry Bolton, FLW

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo By FLW

Seminar Topics

  • Plastic Worm Rigging Basics - The plastic worm is one of the most widely used lures in bass fishing. He will cover the various set ups of proper hooks and weight combinations and how to fish with them.
  • Spinnerbait Fishing Basics - The proper blade and weight combinations including retrieve speed.
  • Crankbait Fishing Basics Spring, Summer and Fall - How to choose the proper rod and reel set up including crankbait color and action.

Bolton, a former junior college tennis player, has racked up $1.3 Million in earnings and a 14 time FLW Cup Qualifer in his FLW career. This Kentucky native has seen more than half of his top-10 finishes come from the legendary ledges at Kentucky and Barkley lakes. He has also done well at the Forrest Wood Cup, finishing in the top-10 several times. Bolton has fished the FLW Tour, FLW Series, EverStart Series and BFL tournaments throughout his career. Bolton is a self-described “metal-head” and loves to fish a spinnerbait on his favorite body of water, Kentucky Lake. When not fishing, he enjoys duck hunting.

Terry Bolton will be joining us Friday thru Sunday this year. You won't want to miss this! 

Nick Ratliff, Campbellsville University Fishing Team

Seminar Topic: Finesse Swimbaiting

Nick Ratliff has competed on all three major college fishing circuits the past four years on the Campbellsville University fishing team. He has had great success throughout the country culminating in winning the 2018 Carhartt Bassmaster college series bracket, the most prestigious event in college fishing. This earned a berth to the 2019 Bassmaster classic, all eight Bassmaster Opens in 2019 and received the honor of using a fully rigged truck and boat for the year. 

  • 2020 FLW Series Pro
  • 2019 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier
  • 2019 Bassmaster Opens Pro
  • 2018 Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Bracket Champion
  • 2018 Carhartt Bassmaster College Series National Championship- Runner up
  • 3-time BASS College Series National Championship Qualifier
  • 3-time FLW College Series National Championship Qualifier
  • Perennial College Fishing Standout
  • Numerous Wins On Local Level
  • 3-time KHSAA High School Bass Fishing State Championship Qualifier
  • 2015 Bassmaster High School national Championship Qualifier
  • 2015 Third place KHSAA State Championship
  • 2014 Bradley Roy High School Open Champion 

Dalton Smith, Campbellsville University Bass Fishing Program


Seminar Topic: Spring Time Swim Baiting for Small and Large Mouth Bass

I'm Dalton Smith, I am a Junior at Campbellsville University. I am majoring in Business Management and Marketing. I have been apart of the Bass Fishing program for going on 3 years now and I am currently the President of our team. If I am not in class or studying, I am most likely out on the water having fun with my close friends catching fish and trying to learn as much as I can. We are fortunate to have Green River about 10 minuets away from campus, also with most of the other phenomenal lakes in Kentucky such as Lake Cumberland, Dale Hollow, and Nolin River just about an hour drive or so away. I am super excited about the next year and a half and the things our team will accomplish and the opportunities I will have to learn. After I graduate I plan to further my fishing career to the next level, or work within' the fishing industry in some form or fashion.

Colby Hays, Campbellsville University Fishing Team


Seminar Topic: Transitioning from High School Fishing to College Fishing

Colby Hays is an avid bass angler representing Campbellsville University Fishing Team as a Senior. His major is Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Colby has made two appearances in the FLW College Series National Championship, as well as multiple to finishes throughout his college fishing career. One of his favorite techniques used to catch fish around the country and on his home body of water, Lake Cumberland, is finesse fishing. He enjoys public speaking to High School students about fishing, as well as their future after College.

Colby will be speakin Friday thru Sunday this year and invites all High School Anglers and Boat Captains to be in attendance.

Officer Marcus Bowling, Boating Education Coordinator


Seminar Topic: S.A.F.E. Boating for Everyone

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources was orignially established in 1912 to protect the state's fish and game population. Now, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources do more than just protect the fish and game population. Their mission is to conserve, protect and enhance Kentucky's fish and wildlife resources and provide outstanding opportunities for hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, shooting sports wildlife viewing and related activities.

Bill Carman, Kentucky Wild Outdoors


Bill Carman harvested his first whitetail deer with a bow and caught his first trout with a fly rod over fifty years ago. He has bowhunted and fly fished all over North America, but his first loves are hunting whitetails with a recurve bow and fly fishing for smallmouth bass right here in his native Kentucky. In 2006 Bill became the first modern hunter to harvest a Kentucky elk with a traditional bow. He recently retired after ten years as Regional Director for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and he is a licensed hunting and fishing guide. Bill is a successful outdoor writer and his stories have appeared in Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, TradArchers’ World, Primitive Archer, and Bugle Magazine. His book, Feather Sticks-Bowhunting and Fly Fishing Adventures was released in the summer of 2018 . He regularly conducts seminars on elk hunting, fly fishing, and hunting simple. He and his wife live in Lexington, KY. Some of the topics he will cover at this seminar are:

  • Fly Fishing the Red River Gorge - A stream-by-stream narrative on the fly fishing opportunities in the Gorge. Included are species, best flies, recommended tackle, stream access, and colorful anecdotes.
  • Elk Hunting in Kentucky - Includes the history of the KY elk restoration, current state of the herd and regs, tags available, and stories of actual hunts.


There will be seminars every half an hour on the main stage near the High Street Entrance at the boat show.


Plan ahead for what seminars you don't want to miss.