Decisive Action:
Decisive Action is Kentucky’s premier private security service and tactical training provider. Our executive protection specialists and instructors are recognized subject matter experts with many years of professional experience. Decisive Action has protected U.S. government officials, foreign diplomats, major news networks, fortune 500 executives, celebrities, and small businesses. We have worked training contracts for the Department of Defense, Marine Corps Special Operations Command, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as private organizations. Decisive Action has worldwide capability and rapid response times. Our team provides solutions for both simple and complex client issues. It is our mission to provide specialists that possess the highest standards for the private protection and tactical training industry. Our reputation of discrete and professional interaction with both our clients and the general public is second to none. Our level of professionalism exceeds the industry standard because we hold ourselves above it. For us, there is no compromise.

Seminar #1 Responding to Threats in Places of Business or Public Places

Whether you find yourself in a workplace, or any public area, the critical actions needed to respond correctly and quickly to life-threatening situations are not common knowledge. In those moments you will not rise to the occasion, but rather fall back on the training you have received. So, what determines success in these situations? Your survival is determined by your ability to assess the threat and act objectively, the knowledge and application of weapons and tactics, and the awareness of your role in dealing with the threat. These subjects will be discussed, and any questions answered to encourage individuals to seek threat based training from our subject matter experts.


Topics of Discussion:
-Protection specialist mindset and objective based actions
-Threat recognition utilizing body language, verbal cues, and micro expressions
-Responsible use and manipulation of weapons in a public setting
-Unarmed combatives



Seminar #2 Personal Defense for the Armed Individual

Whether you are called on to protect and serve, fight a war on foreign soil, or protect yourself and family, your training goals should be specific to your responsibilities. Our clients trust us to avoid, deter, and mitigate violence to ensure their safety and reduce their liability. When choosing your training ask yourself what am I preparing myself for? Is the instructor’s experience being transferred to me relevant to my reason for being armed? Most of the training professionals and citizens receive is referred to as “LCD” or lowest common denominator training. When the military, law enforcement, or organizations that license armed civilians must transfer knowledge they have to cater to the least educated or motivated individual to ensure a training standard. It should be known that the foremost experts in firearms training are law enforcement and military. However, most avidly trained before their public service or trained in service far beyond the standards required of them. LCD armed ability often leads to irresponsible and uneducated use of force. This means you are a liability to others around you as opposed to an asset. Although a firearm is necessary for every contingency plan, there are many other tools and training options to consider adding to your tool box. Many schools insist you become a “gunfighter.” At Decisive Action we know there’s much more to be a responsibly armed individual.  Choose your training wisely because you may have to use it one day.

Topics of Discussion:
-Civilian vs professional training methodology
-Personal protection mindset
-Threat based training programs and objective actions
-Force options for the armed individual